2023 Term 1 Message From The Counselling Department

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2023 Term 1 Message From The Counselling Department

Northlands Girls' High School
Published by Councelling Department in Academics · 4 April 2023
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This year will be jubilant and one of celebration as Northlands Girls’ High School
commemorates its 75th Year.

The first Term is always very busy as we welcome Grade 8s who are transitioning and
acclimating to a new environment. We would like to encourage parents and guardians to
play a supportive role as Grade 8s can feel rather overwhelmed. It is important that undue
pressure not be placed on learners academically as High School is more demanding. It is
not healthy for learners to experience high levels of anxiety, as they may not be able to
consistently meet the expectations of others.

The Counselling Department has presented to all Grades at respective Parent Information
Evenings. We trust that parents were enlightened on the challenges Learners experience
at all Grade levels and that helpful information was shared, to strengthen familial
relationships and ensure that learners rise to their true academic potential.

Grade 12s had seven Presentations from mainly Public Tertiary Institutions this term. We
hope that the time afforded for interaction has assisted learners with information on the
application process, various faculties and requirements. Learners are encouraged to
apply early so that this process does not add to the stress of the matric year.

Two of our Grade 12 Accounting students will be attending the Earnest and Young Work
Experience Programme in the upcoming holiday. This will afford them the opportunity to
learn more about the world of work and the field of commerce and auditing.

We continue to reiterate to learners the importance of responsible cell phone usage. It is
imperative that learners understand that the digital world is not safe. It is too easy to forget
that social media should not be used as a platform to gossip about other learners, berate,
or humiliate anyone. Learners need to practice healthy ways of resolving conflict and
communicating. Conflict is an inevitable part of human relationships and resolving conflict
is a life skill that needs to be developed. Parents are encouraged to model positive conflict
management so that learners understand the importance of techniques such as remaining
calm, time-out, talking face-to-face, compromise and negotiation.

We trust that the end of term break will be an opportunity to bond as a family and for
learners to reflect on performance this term and set goals for the new term.

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