Our Core Values

Integrity, Commitment, Compassion

Our Motto

Quisque Sibi Verus (to thine own self be true)

Mission Statement

To equip young women for a successful and fulfilled life

Poised for Excellence

Sharing with our girls the importance of taking care of how they present themselves to the world. Reminding our girls of the importance of modern day manners and old fashioned courtesy at school, at work and socially.

Culture of Honour

To ensure that NGHS girls have every opportunity to thrive in life, the Culture of Honour programme is designed to move away from blind compliance with rules and punishment to mature, value-based decision making and accountability through the following initiatives:

  • Merit system
  • Increased privileges for the senior girls
  • Warning system
  • Increased opportunities for choice and pupil buy-in
  • Solution centre

Our values of Integrity, Commitment and Compassion lend themselves to a community where one serves others, making them feel significant and encouraging them to be mature and accountable for decisions made.