From the Sports Coordinator

Each of us can play a part in making ourselves, our school and our nation fitter, healthier and ready to face the challenges of modern day living. One of our main priorities is the health and fitness of our girls. There have been numerous  reports written on the decline of South Africa’s health and how the country is struggling with some of the highest rates of obesity and diabetes in the world. These statistics are of grave concern and, as a school, much time has been spent in looking at possible ways of tackling these problems on our own doorstep. It has been proven that a lack of regular exercise and poor eating habits lead not only to obesity and related diseases but also to poor mental health. Individuals who do not participate in sport or exercise tend to be the ones who suffer with depression and other mental health problems as they have no release for their worries or stress. With over 20 disciplines of sport offered at NGHS, the sports fields, pool and courts are well utilised with training, coaching and matches year round. NGHS offers a fitness extramural, dancing and social tennis for those girls who do not want to participate in competitive sport.

Sports Offered

NGHS is known for the wide range of sports offered to girls, well maintained sporting facilities and equipment and a long history of both national and provincial representatives in a variety of sports. The school currently offers: Action Netball Athletics (including track, high jump, long jump, discus, javelin and shot-put) Basketball Chess Cross Country Fitness Hockey – indoor and outdoor Netball Rugby 15s and 7s Soccer Softball Surfing Swimming Touch Rugby Volleyball Water Polo Click here to find out more about our Sports Facilities.