Our Library

NGHS is very proud of its spacious and well-stocked library. As reading is so vitally important in today’s world, a love of reading is fostered. New books are regularly bought ensuring that the girls will always find something they will enjoy reading. NGHS now has an e-library to cater for those girls who like to be able to download books, anywhere, at any time. We encourage the girls to make full use of the library, to find information needed for school assignments and to extend their knowledge on subjects of personal interest. For more information on the e-library, please visit here. Computers with internet access are also available as a further resource and the library has a computerised catalogue, enabling fast location and lending of resources. The need for library ID cards has been replaced by biometric fingerprint recognition technology.

Marketing Department

The last four years have seen many changes to the NGHS brand, in terms of the overall look and feel and portrayal of the school to the local and greater Durban community. The Marketing Department has refined its monthly publication, NGHS news, by going digital and further develops relationships with sponsors and newspapers and growing its Facebook page ‘likes’ and reach. The school’s presence in local media has increased dramatically with the strategic release of school stories throughout the year. This ensures that NGHS is certainly being talked about favourably in the community. None of this would have been possible without the constant ‘feed’ of stories from the Marketing Executives, staff and parents who keep in touch during the course of the year. The Marketing Department profiles all activities at the school including academics, sport, arts and culture, leadership, our staff, outreach projects and the environment. Comments or suggestions? Contact us today. Email marketing@nghs.co.za

The Estate Team

Maintaining a building of this size and age requires a dedicated team of men and women who work tirelessly to keep the grounds, buildings and facilities in excellent condition. Our indigenised gardens are looking better than ever with exotics being removed and indigenous items planted. Not a day goes by when our school is not being painted, cleaned or repaired in some way. Our cleaning staff work hard to ensure a spotless environment and we congratulate the team on being a finalist in the Kimberley Clark Cleanest School’ Awards.

The Sports Coordinator

Click here to find out more about our Sports Coordinator and Sports offered at NGHS.

                                    Mr Twoboys Nsomi